Oddest place you have intimately touched yourself (not necessarily to completion)


(I will not accept a body part as an answer)

As in the cemetery thread, my mate had one in there and another brought himself off to completion coming home from school in the back of the car with his mum driving and his brother in the passenger seat. Mine was on the ghost train at Thorpe Park. I did not complete.


*leaves thread*


Didn’t we have this thread (or at least, this as a subthread) about four days ago? Is everyone on here just really horny at the moment or something?


I didn’t see it otherwise I would have wheeled out these three faithfuls. I am very far from being horny.


wait, can I have bumhole as it is not technically a part just a void ?


never heard the cock and balls called that before


Oh have what you fucking like, Rob.



Other public boat


Oh a poll! How fucking boring!