Oddly satisfying things

I said “oddly”, so unless your wanking technique is spectacularly inventive, it doesn’t count.

I’ll start: plucking out a long/scraggly eyebrow hair with thumb and forefinger.

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yes - but I prefer getting stuck in with the tweezers, more satisfying purchase on individual hairs

I broke the seal on the lid of a stubborn jar of olives the other day with a bottle opener - that was satisfying

also - pulling a big wodge of hair from the hoover nozzle, and the resulting increase in suction


Removing a piece of food from your teeth with your tongue.


Opposite of satisfying

a couple of the self check-outs in sainsburys were almost, but not quite, speaking in time last night. Set me right on edge

When something fits exactly in something unrelated (mrbean.jpg etc.).

For example, you notice that your pen looks to be the exact same diameter as the spiral bound bit of your spiral bound notepad (preferably in a meeting). In it pops.

See also: when stuff’s the same length.

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Throwing the Haribo (fried eggs) that I don’t like over the room to ping my brother clean on the end of his nose. 14 years of practising this and it’ll always bring me joy.

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Also: the sound grit makes when it shoots up the hoover tube.


when you’re fast forwarding through the ads on top speed and you press play just as the programme starts again.


Making the perfect folded triangle with your empty crisp/popcorn/anytypeofpackagingyoucanfold packet



someone on here posted a link to website full of gifs or videos of stuff fitting snuggly into other things.

tracking down your nemesis; the white whale who killed your old crew, and finally getting your revenge.


I believe there’s a twitter account.

when you draw curly parentheses very tidily

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Quite a few in here, too:

Also: the perfect @ sign.

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Fried eggs are the best ones!

Indicators clicking in time with the song you’re listening to.


And wipers.

This is pure joy.

Oh, and passing lampposts.

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