Odin's Evening Thread

Evening all!

I’ve had a pretty successful day at work where I managed to get two classes within one assessment of completing their courses.

I’ve got one class left before Tuesday morning and it’s tomorrow night.

I should probably do some writing tonight to try to keep some momentum up.

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Hey yo!

Had a fun day, load of kids out at a sporting event so it was all art and swimming for me.

Green garden veg pie thing for dinner, dog out for a run, football. Bed

Got a job application to do but not today right??


Alright? Round at my mate’s for the football. He’s getting me a Chinese which is very nice of him. He’s a big Celtic supporter so it should get interesting.


Pretty stressful day with the kiddo, although he was better in the afternoon. Made chicken korma and veg palou rice for tea.

Not drinking tonight, was hoping I could get out for a birdy walk, but the weather is imminently getting stormy.

Hope you’re all ok x


That food looks excellent.

Wor Lass made some jerk salmon tacos with a mango/ pineapple salsa and they were excellent. Even The Child enjoyed her no-spice version .

Evening pals :wave:

Went for a jog (fast walk) round the park before the weather got too bad and it got a bit ruined by teenagers in balaclavas on those bikes with engines? Dunno what they’re called. Anyway yeah that was a bit intimidating so I took a detour off the path through some long grass and was worried about tics. Came home and had a static cycle instead. Hard as nails me, clearly.

Salmon, minty new potatoes and peas for dinner.

That’s about it tbf. Quite keen for an early night.

What a boring old lady I am :older_woman:


Just spotted my typo - I can’t believe you’d shame me like this.

Really straight forward. Remember catching it on the old Saturday kitchen

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Just use turmeric instead of saffron

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Do you use cassia or just sub for cinnamon?

Overdue invoices still not paid. Ffs :woozy_face: They better clear by Friday.

Getting picked up for a gig soon but cant wait for bed tbh.

Cinnamon. My local Indian shop where I get my spices don’t stock it, but they said that cinnamon subs in just fine.

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Chasing those last few peas round your plate is so humiliating. Making me look like a mug in my own home ffs


Going to see Kings of Convenience tonight so that’s nice for me

Had a job interview earlier, went surprisingly well

Made a good smoothie

That’s it


Off for a dis drink in a mo, had leftover fajita for early dinner, might buy the whole Young Fathers back catalogue just cos


Was meant to have a mortgage appointment after work but it got moved so no mortgage yet. Had jacket potatoes, beans & cheese for tea. Got some laundry and that to do and some shit TV to watch. Just remembered that I’m working on Saturday :frowning:

Belting down with rain here, so I’m guiltily pleased that a friend who I was supposed to be meeting for a pint this evening called it off earlier on.

Need to put the bins out at some point, but otherwise I’ll be lying on the sofa watching telly or reading a book I think.

better find a bagel quick before the storm!


Not a bad spot to be spending some time with the dog in of an evening


Don’t know what you mean. Hey yo is my new standard greeting. Like the kids innit.