Odonis Odonis



Not heard of them before No Pop, but this is right up my street. Definitely got a Liars vibe, going on and getting bits of The Knife / Fever ray in the uses of synths. Got a little whiff of blog house about them, but I’m one of the people who doesn’t think that’s a bad thing so there.

This one’s a beaut

Here’s the No Pop album.


I’ll give it a listen but

Got a little whiff of blog house about them

you’re taking the piss here, aren’t you?


This is good.


Their last one (post plague?) was fantastic. Really looking forward to this.


I’m really not sure on this one, it’s a bit sonic mush in places but it needs a few more listens.
The track Eraser reminds me of Sheep on Drugs though, and not in a good way.


my band at the time (Spoilers, for those keeping track) supported them a couple years ago at Birthdays. They were excellent even if there were about 20 people there


They did a split 12" with Lotus Plaza (Lockett from Deerhunter) in about 2011 which was great so I bought their debut album. Really good band.


this is a bit of an understatement. at least, based solely on that song above.