OE Sheepdog - Dulux

Chimpanz - PG Tips
Tiger - Tony
Giraffe - Toys
Bunny (hot) - Caramel choc
Bunny (fit) - Batteries
Very small deer - perry

Labrador Puppies - Loo Roll

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Andrex - Lab pup

zorb put them the right way round which I take as a sign of respect

Ducks - toilet cleaning products and sticky tape

Kitten - hanging in there, baby

Surprised they haven’t got in the bog roll game.

Which would you rather wipe your arse with:

  • Puppy
  • Kitten

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Meerkats - comparison site


Just thought ‘kitten’s got claws’. Do they? I need to know this.

Good length for a long solid wipe. Probably only need two ferrets to 3-4 puppies

Yes, according to Whitesnake.

Knitted monkey - onDigital PG Tips

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Tiger - Esso (years ago)

David Coverdale has an encyclopaedic knowledge of mammals so going puppy now.

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Toucan - guinness

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Yes, the Lion goes from strength to strength.

Put a…lion in your tank

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Lion - bar

Lion (roaring) - films