Of all the food crazes in recent years

I dont hate it but its very overpowering and doesn’t need to be on half the stuff its bunged on

I love how they’ve tried re-packaging having cold meats and cheeses for dinner as a “charcuterie board” as if it hasn’t always been a go to dinner when you’re too lazy to cook/have a lot of leftovers/too hot to turn the oven on

dunno who these wenzels are but they sound like jokers. get yourself back to greggs :smiley:

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You redacted the word redacted.

Am I wolfcastling?

Go on

Was browsing these last night

Not because I’m in the market for this kind of thing but because reels algorithm keeps serving me woodworking videos

5 jam doughnuts from anywhere else but Morrisons (wrong kind of sugar) are perfect

I’m not against fancier doughnuts, don’t get me wrong, I’m just against paying like… over 3x the price of the fresh supermarket ones

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I’m sorry, what is this

draft Harry Styles lyrics

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Morrisons ones have powdery sugar instead of granulated

worse in every way

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Usually end up a bit disappointed by elaborate doughnuts but I bought a simple raspberry jam doughnut from Medicine the other day and it was great. Like one of the Greggs/supermarket ones but about 4 times the size and absolutely gaping with jam.

(Suppose I could’ve bought and eaten an entire bag of supermarket doughnuts and saved myself a couple of quid…)

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The jam in some of them is bloody awful. Sainsbury’s I’m looking at you


Feel like my cupcake business is really going to take off this year.

whatever is in Ikea cakes is the wrong type of sugar.

Poke bowl places have taken over round here. Feel like this was probably a thing in London ten years ago or something.

Was going to do a post replacing the lyrics to Brown Sugar with ‘wrong sugar’ - for hilarious effect.

Never really knew what the lyrics were until I looked them up just there. Fucking hell.


The Sainsburys custard is better though.

“Wrong’un Sugar”

Aww man, the Poke bowl place in Manchester stinks to high heaven. Used to walk past it in the way home from work.