Of Montreal

Predictable “Hissing Fauna” response BUT

Anyone else excited FOR their new album?

A title like White is relic/Irrealis Mood suggests the indulgent version of Of Montreal, especially with the lead track being called Plateau Phase/No Careerism No Corruption, but it starts pretty down the line (though should end at about the 4 minute mark, which is when I assume it becomes the latter song title. Just have it as two tracks so I can skip one ffs).

This is the obligatory point where I point out that they’ve released a ton of great shit since Hissing Fauna (all of lousy with sylvianbriar is great), but I do concede that there was a phase back there where they seemed to be constantly releasing new material and a lot of it was this Georgie Fruit funk that they got a bit hung up on.

I reckon if False Priest had followed Hissing Fauna instead of Skeletal Lamping, they’d be more than a respected curiosity these days, but I think that decision was intentional so there we are.

I am most definitely not excited ABOUT their new album

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I don’t think I’ve listened to anything since False Priest (which I always thought was great).

What’ve they been up to since then? As I mainly linked the fun synthy/dancy stuff (basically nothing pre-Satanic Panic) are there any post-Priest ones I should check out?

The post-Hissing stuff got a lot of criticism for being samey or ‘wacky’, and I get that and feel it with a lot of what they released, but in my opinion lousy with sylvianbriar was just a great album all round and a sound more in common with their pre-Satanic Panic days. Obsidian Currents is just so so good.

Just listening to Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia, seems good. lousy with sylvianbriar was really good but I like it best when he’s outrageously ambitious a la Skeletal Lamping, and these song titles point to that side.

Thoughts on the new album? Was a little baffled at first but it has grew on me with each listen. Definitely the most cohesive album they/he has released in sometime. Kevin Barnes can do no wrong in my eyes though.

I like it A LOT. Expected with the 8 minute runtimes that it’d be another rambling ‘experimental’ mess, but they’re basically two songs, the second tending to be the ‘remix outro’ of the first.

Yeah I thought it would also be a bit of a mess initially but I’m really enjoying it. It’s the first album in quite sometime that I’ve listened to on repeat.

This comment on youtube perfectly sums up the Of Montreal listening experience

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this album is tasty

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My review, for what it’s worth

New single ahead of album next year. Gone all 80’s but I like it.


Can’t believe these pricks are still going

Sounds that way.