Of the Big 7 of readily-available nice fruits, which is the best?

  • Other boring fruits are available, sure, but just for fun let’s say anybody who replies with one not listed still lives with their parents and voted for Brexit.
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Nectarine
  • Raspberry
  • Pineapple
  • Pear

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Gone for raspberry. I think the best strawberry or best mango is better than the best raspberry. But a poor or mediocre raspberry is still pretty good whereas poor strawbs and mangs are awful.


Mangoes are great. It was a coin toss between them and blueberries for me.

Imagine thinking an apricot was better than a mango.

Yeah it’s bananas. I voted Brexit to preserve the curvature and I live with me mam because the cheap rent frees up more cash for bananas, I’m not ashamed on either count and nor should I be.


I can never get my fruit rotation right. Obviously everyone knows that four days is the optimum time from buying fruit to eating it, so i buy loads, wait, eat it all, then have to buy loads and wait again.

This is another reason why blueberries are superior, really.

It’s bananas and I’m taking back control.


We can have another thread for fruits which can only ever be completely tasteless or off.

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Another vote for Davidoff Cool Brexit bananas


Project Fear scaremongering about bananas again!

Nobody’s ever been blown away by the taste of a banana, clearly.

Sometimes i eat, say, a mango and think ‘fuck me, that’s incredible’.

Had to vote for blueberries because they’re so bloody versitile, and i’ve got a theory that they’re the most stress-relieving of all fruits.

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Genuinely enjoy a banana more than the big 7 in yr poll. Mangoes are great but they’re shit by the time they’ve got over here compared to where they’re grown. Berries are also great but it’s a massive lottery as to whether or not they’ll be all mushy when you get round to eating them. Pears are shit. Pineapples are also shit here, tasteless basically. Nectarines: okay.

Pineapple’s the best. Tastes great, tries to eat you, everything you want from a fruit.


pineapples burn off your fingerprints so you can become a burglar.


Struggling with pineapples being tasteless, they’re one of the most potent (edible) fruits for me, after grapefruits and maybe kiwis.

Bluebs are the worst culprits here. Razzers you can tell from the outside if they’re gonna be underwhelming.


Pretty much this

The best mango (Pakistani) or strawberry (British) beats the best anything else.

But you only get to enjoy that peak for less than a month every year.

Blueberries are consistently very good.

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How is pear in this list


Pineapples are too sweet; strawberries are too inconsistent; I need to be in the mood for the taste of a raspberry; blueberries are boring; pears are shit and I straight up don’t like nectarines.

Tasty, tasty mango it is.

Might be the humble apple as it goes well with cheese.