Of the Big 7 of readily-available nice fruits, which is the best?


Oh dear.

We’re currently in a crunchy nut cornflake/missed train dispute (me and my wife that is, not your wife).


I think deep down she knows that it means I’m still the badboy from the wrong side of the tracks that she fell in love with all those years ago.

I’m sure it is the same with the crunchy nut cornflakes.


how does she feel about you getting your beemer’s windows tinted?


She’s cool with that and is even chipping in for a pager.


I was gonna go with alright, brexity remix of the intro to


I think mangoes are the one thing where you’re better off just buying the pre-packed stuff.

Two mangoes cost about the same as a box of prepared stuff and after a lot of faffing gets you about the same amount of fruit.


Most adults know how to cut up a mango, it’s not that difficult.


the faffing is the best bit. love 2 use the pint glass method.

people are very insistent on this point.


Alphonso mangoes are the one

clowns trying to stunt with kesar mangoes best not be in my vicinity


It isn’t especially difficult, it is however significantly more effort and mess than buying the same amount for the same price already prepared.


I have never bought presliced mango, OBVIOUSLY, but a quick check tells me that Waitrose sells a whole mango for £1.35 and plastic tub of mango pieces for £2.50


So 2x mango = more than a tub of prepared.

1 mango is nowhere near the amount of fruit you get in one of those boxes.