Off Oat Milk Question thread - not rolling (ed) Oats ahahahahaha

If it goes grainy in your coffee it’s a gonna, yeah?

yeah i reckon so. how’d you let that happen?!

Dunno, only have a little in coffee. Left it in the fridge. It happened.

What exactly are you trying to accuse me of?

Who is rolling Ed?

Have you tried to eat more cereal?

I don’t eat any cereal!


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This is why you’re having milk issues.


How long have you had it open? Stuff lasts for ages.

Dunno, maybe 5 days and I have a super badass fridge where normal milk pretty much doesn’t go off. Maybe it was a dodgy one. I have more though so you don’t need to worry.

oats don’t go off they last forever

you’ll be fine

Have you been shaking it properly before each use? If you don’t shake it enough then towards the bottom it’ll be more sediment-y as you’ll have got rid of more liquid in the early pours.

I guess I may not have been…

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I’ll try not to, but I’ve had oat milk open for weeks and it’s still been fine.

Also the fridge is so bad it was literally being thrown out by next door when we moved in.

I find oatly especially needs really vigorous shaking. Minor figures seems to separate a bit less.

Ok, I’m going to go shake it and make another coffee. See you in five.

Ok, though the damage may have already been done on this carton and a more accurate experiment will have to use a fresh one.

Good luck

The issue now is that the top has gone too frothy to see through so I can’t see if it is granular beneath.

The proof of the grainy milk will be in the drinking.

I haven’t had this issue with the other ones I have had.

Yes much better thank you.

Good, successful thread. Has resulted in less waste.


Thank you.

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I mean, you’ve wasted all of our time

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