Off sick or just skiving in the office Sporcle day

This is a good one.

Pinpoint the counties of England on a map without any borders showing. NB you can skip ones you dont know and come back to them.

My best so far:

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FFS I’m on about my fifth attempt and I’ve not got past 26

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First one was Cambridgeshire and I still couldn’t get it right.

I don’t do counties.

First one I got was Bristol. I know where Bristol is, I said.

Turns out you have to be super-fucking-exact with your knowledge of Bristol’s location.


I’ve been next door to all the ones I get wrong, except for Buckinghamshire, which I’m still not sure of where it is even after seeing it on a map.



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I’m so weak

It’s near the palace, which is in Londonshire, so it’s near the Thames, probably at the biggest bit.

32 is my best now.

City of London?!

Fuck off, Not having that.

City of London is in Greater London.

gauntlet thrown

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ooft. nice mate. what’s the count?

Just went for it didn’t I, simply DGAF

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you berk(s)

Keep getting 0%, half my job is making interactive map data visualisations based on counties so this does not reflect well

73% :nail_care:

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Just matched you (different counties though)



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