Off to Germany (Hamburg and Kassel) tonight. Any tips?

should be reet

The wise traveler uses the toilet not when they must, but when they can.

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Eat a Hamburger

Hello, could you be more specific about what you’d like to do in Hamburg? Danke schön

Main reason we’re going to Hamburg is for this:

Main reason we’re going to Kassel is for this:

When I’m not doing the above I’d like to be eating and drinking and looking at nice things. Also, shame Hamburg’s Golden Pudel doesn’t appear to have reopened :frowning:

Ha cool, and how long are you there/where you staying?

As a call back to the Gare Du Nord chat last week, the toilets at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof are fairly shocking. Plus they have two sets with two different prices - €1.20 for the urinals, €1.50 for the heroin cabinets, sorry, cubicles…

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only over there for a week. In Hamburg we’re at The George in St Georg :slight_smile:

What’s to stop me taking a shit in a urinal?

For a €0.30 saving you would literally be mad not to…

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Frankly they should be paying me €1.20 to not take a runny dump on the baggage conveyor.

Ah cool plenty of time then!

Ok, well, hafencity and beyond that entenwerder (duck island park) are really nice, especially in good weather. The alster lake is nearby and very nice to walk about (note shandy/radlers are called AlsterwaĂźer here because of it). Also the kunsthalle (art museum) near hauptbanhof (central train station)

St. Pauli and Sternschanze are best for food and drink (though don’t spend too long on reeperbahn). Altes Mädchen (old lady) is real nice for instance.

Get a boat along the elbe, trip takes 20-30 minutes and is free. You’d end up at finkenwerder where my girlfriend’s parents live, which is mostly famous for being where Airbus planes are made, but you can stay on and go back. Worth going to strandperle (beach pearl) for a drink and pizza on the beach looking at the harbour along the boat route at Neumühlen/Övelgönne stop.

If you are into football I’m pretty sure St. Pauli are playing Stoke and Altona are playing West ham.

I’ll add more if I think of it

thanks man!


Oh aye it’s worth going to reeperbahn for a kepab and to gawk at the crazyiness surrounding you. The kiosk outside burger king.

Pizza bande is good too btw

Thanks for the recs man. Had a fantastic time. Stumbled across the Duckstein fest down at Hafencity and found Altes Madchen on the last day. Also, Miniature Wunderland is brilliant!

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Kevin problem mein freund! I hope it’s recovered from G20… but it’s a great city!

Aye, love it. Can also recommend Kassel - especially while Documenta’s on :slight_smile:

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