Off to Harvester for lunch

Don’t suppose it’s got any better since I last went?

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I believe you can order anything off the menu.

Bit early

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enjoy that salad buffet - big piles of sweetcorn covered in thousand island dressing with croutons


I hardly knew 'er!

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Stuck between three options:
Steak Hash
Coconut Curry
Veggie Jambalaya

Jambalaya was well good when I tried it

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Missed the salad bar on your list, mate.

I got the barbecue southern fried chicken burger when I went there one year ago and it was quite nice.

Do you think it will be busy?

Can’t see the word jambalaya without getting the song Bamboleo in my head.

Had southern fried chicken last night

How come?


Sounds alright

Made some up with some waffles and egg

yeah - this was not a criticism of the harvester salad bar


That egg is straight out of the KiK playbook.

I hope you enjoyed yourself whilst making it and then that you enjoyed yourself even more whilst eating it


“Have you been to a Harvester before?”