Off to Malaga in a fortnight

Owt I should do?

How long are you going?

Things I did in Malaga that I really enjoyed when we went for a week:

  • the glass museum is.much better than it sounds.
  • the Alcazaba and Castle Gibralfaro (plus a walk in the gardens underneath to see the hoopoes)
  • historical Botanic garden (an hour walk north from the city).
  • birdwatching at parque del Guadalhorce (spoonbill and flamingo and all sorts of cool birds if you are into that kind of thing)
  • drinking sherry at antigua casa de guardia
  • the CAC is more fun than the Picasso museum though you should probably go there too.
  • this wine was so good we imported cases of it for our wedding, still one of my favourite ever white wines:
  • For breakfast most days we just got a cortado at a coffee bar and then bought amazing fruit from Mercado Central de Atarazanas.
  • If you’re into spending obscene amounts on Michelin star tasting menus then Restaurant Jose Carlos Garcia is brilliant.

El Pimpi is an amazing place to spend an evening drinking cana and munching tapas


Two days. We are 100% going to Antigua Casa, hotel is only a minute walk away

That is on the list of possibles

Can’t remember where we went for it but we had a great night at a flamenco show.

Did pop in to El Pimpi too, not a name you forget. It was cool.

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Don’t think it was that one - we bought tickets at a place in person (ten years ago) so not exactly sure but having googled this looks familiar:


I had a pint of cruzcampo and got the train to sevilla

Have a big meal in La Antxoeta. Incredible food

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Booked a weekend here in Feb so thanks for starting the thread @jordan_229 - have a great time and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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Anyone gone to a good chiringuito? Not normally a fan of them but the missus wants to have lunch at one

Didn’t, but walked past dozens going both directions along the coast from the centre. I’d probably guess you’d be as well picking one where you like the view/vibe as much as the food getting rave reviews.

Yeah, found one with half decent reviews but I’m not expecting much



Pints, pints, pints with the lads, lads, lads.

Never been.


Had a lovely old time in Malaga. Loads of good bars and restaurants. Centre has loads of little museums. People there generally seem nice too.

Would recommend for a long weekend.


Chiringuito El Cachalote was very good. Had the sea bass with gazpacho and aubergine starters. Wouldn’t have gone if my partner didn’t want to and it is probably a massive tourist trap in the summer but I enjoyed it.