Offensive advert


I keep getting an advert for an organisation that I find very offensive, but it never seems to have the adchoices thing where you can click the little ‘x’ to stop seeing it. Is there anything I can do about seeing it, or is it completely out of anyone’s control? I am expecting the latter, but I thought I would ask just in case because I really don’t want to be seeing it anymore.

I think they’re all served by w00t media. Sean can request individual ads not show but obviously he’d have to feel they are disliked by all. Sorry.

I thought that it would probably be something like that, thanks for taking the time to respond.

is it the Bryan Adams one?


Nah, it is for Autism Speaks who are supposedly a charity but they are practically borderline a hate group by the way some prominent figures in their organisation have spoken in the past, their dehumanising attitudes and the abusive ‘treatments’ they support. Just the mention of them makes my blood boil.

ah i see, i wasn’t aware of them but looking at their wikipedia page the ‘Controversies’ section is alarmingly long…

I don’t know a single autistic person who gives them any respect. They really are very damaging, and like I mentioned their stance very much makes me feel dehumanised as an autistic person, like they don’t believe I or others like me have a right to exist.


Hey @sean - up to you how you feel, but thought it was worth drawing this advertiser to your attention so you’ve at least got the chance to decide.


The vast majority of ads are retargetfing you, rather than targeting the site. Is anyone else seeing the ad? (although them being mentioned in this thread might mean some people have started to see if)

No worries, just wanted to make sure you saw this. Thanks for taking a look.

Hope all’s well!

I think (presume) @sean means that there is an element of stuff that is auto-served via Google so there isn’t control. I mean at a rough guess, for the purposes of data protection I would think (and hope) that the person serving ads for DiS isn’t able to see what ads are generated in this instance, since otherwise wouldn’t they be effectively being granted your search history from Google?

Of course, it may be that’s just part of what we’ve signed up for but a lot of this stuff sounds like the sort of thing that can automate without any external options?

OTOH it certainly sounds like we shouldn’t allow this advertiser to use the boards so maybe w00t can block them specifically?

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Yeah, I understand if it is out of Sean’s hands to get it removed. What I found strange about it is that there wasn’t an option for me to choose to stop seeing it myself - I don’t know why some ads have the choice to block and report them, but others don’t? I have had the one from this advertiser maybe half a dozen times and I remember not a single time did it have the adchoices thing to remove/report which appears on a lot of other ads (which given how strongly I feel about this organisation, I think you can trust I would have been looking for that option).

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It depends on who the ad is being served by.

All DiS’ ads come through W00t who are like a broker that are selling Sean’s ad space for him. Some of it goes to people who want to specifically target DiS, but most is effectively resold to other ad companies on the fly when W00t don’t have specific campaigns like that to fill the space with.

When you see the adchoices bit, the ad is coming from an ad programme that’s signed up to voluntary self-regulation (usually Google Adsense, but it could be elsewhere). If that’s not on the ad, then it’s coming from one of the other programmes that hasn’t signed up to that. And as it’s a voluntary programme, dodgy advertisers are more likely to buy their advertising space through a platform that doesn’t offer the adchoices functionality.

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That makes a lot of sense then if it is a voluntary thing