Offensive Crayons Kickstarter


I mean… no…


Reckon the Cards Against Humanity crowd would love these.


Can someone crowbar this all together - crayons / paper cut / so edgy? You can take half the retweets.


I guess this could have worked in a sort-of Garbage Pail Kids way if the makers had an ounce of wit. But “Travel Ban Brown”? Fuck the fuck off.


this is what wit has become.

send the nukes


You’d be all over them if there was a bull’s-pizzle pink.





“Miscarriage Maroon” Too. What the hell.


it’s the offensive birthday cards kinda thing except somehow even shitter.

like the people who come up with these ideas are definitely the epitome of terrible marketing nodes


Probably started as ‘Taliban Brown’ but they were worried about the potential backlash


Offensive Crayons Kickstarter would make a great band name though.


totally mexico