You can have all standard sides from pizza delivery places free for the rest of your life but you can never have pizza again. Are you in?


No chance


Where’s your poll?

Also, no.




Not really a poll man.


can never have delivered pizza? what about restaurant, waht about supermarket?


Never have pizza again!


I’m in, might just never have pizza again regardless


Yes! Imagine never having to worry about or spending money on food again.


I’d do it. And setup a business selling my sides that I get infinite numbers of free
Im_on_safari’s second hand sides


This is an offer you’re making me yes? This isn’t a hoax?


Should Balonz have made a poll for this?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • I Don’t Know

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I’m afraid you have been punk’d


‘Not bad, James, but can you give it some more oomph?’


the sides at pizza delivery places are rank, so its a no




No, obviously.


I’ll take it.

Just garlic pizza bread please. That’s pretty much pizza anyway isnt it


lol no


Do you think anyone in the world buys a supermarket pizza and then just orders the sides from the take away? Do you think anyone in the world has done that?

  • Not likely!
  • They might have done, but are probably in prison now or something
  • Yes

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