Offering lifts to people


How generous are you with this? Got any rules of thumb?

Last night at a penoid thing I tentatively offered a lift to anyone who lived in the same direction as I was going. One guy piped up, but it was about 10 minutes onto my 5 minute drive (20 minutes round trip).

He changed his mind in the awkward silence that ensued, but I’m starting think I might have been the cunt there. Thoughts?

  • You were the cunt there
  • Nah, it’s fine
  • You’re definitely a cunt, but not for this
  • @meths

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i’m not even on drivebook


Would’ve bet money on this being a @bird thread.


It’s all Top Gear banter anyway, you’d hate it.


I tried to mimic his inimitable style a bit. Thanks for noticing.


generous as fuck when it comes to lifts. never ask for petrol money, unless a monster drive. buy me a couple pints now and again and forget about it


Do you even lift bro?


I often want to give lifts to random people when it is raining or elderly people struggling. I have quite a big car and there is usually only me in it or at most me and a mate its a waste to travel solo. Also its fairly obvious that the people are going in the same direction or towards town. I have not done it yet though I don’t think it is acceptable


Sounds like he accepted the lift on the terms you offered them so you should’ve sucked it up.

Although the lad should’ve known he’d have been putting you out a bit and turned the lift down. Imagine it’s these sorts of social awareness skills that means he’s the sort of lad who goes to card tournaments.

In answer to your question, I’ll dole out lifts left, right and centre. Although gave a lift to a mate back down to London the other week. Had to go out of my way to pick him up and drop him off. Dumped him at his - didn’t offer any petrol money. Now I wouldn’t have accepted any (never do) but… the fact he didn’t offer has irked me.


Would never ask for petrol* money. Would ruin my carefully cultivated air of being an extremely important business person in the world of business.



This reminds me… Years back I offered to drive to a work do ar the dogs. Sorted out four people. Genesis sacrificial stuff. They all got smashed I had a clone or whatever. Drinks bill came at the end of the evening. Split five ways.

I didn’t say anything because I wanted to revel in the seething resentment which I do to this day.




A couple of pints these days would be the equivalent cost of petrol for a very long lift, so not so generous :slight_smile:


Did the poor chap just end up walking?


The fuck do I care, I’m not his mum.

(Think he got the bus)


couple of pints a year, you turkey. I take 3 guys to footie every week and probably go 4 miles out of my way to pick them up.

it’s an unwritten thing. some form of acknowledgment. a pint, a pizza…anything


tbf you talk about the deficiencies of the attendees of this sort of thing more than anyone else.


Once you’ve offered the lift, that’s kind of it.

What about hitchers? I’m big fan of giving hitchers a lift (so long as they don’t look too sketchy).


I was only yanking your chain!


Map for context:

We were at the pub shown. I was driving to the wee house. He was going to the red pin, that I could just barely fit on the screen. HAKKA is an excellent Chinese restaurant that has no relevance to this scenario. I highly recommend the Hakka Chicken.