Office affairs - an update



So, many of you will be familiar with this:

Whilst ‘Becky’ and ‘Michelle’ have continued with their extra-marital same-sex tryst, it hasn’t been so blatant; one might say that at least they aren’t rubbing it in our faces. I believe that I am also the only person in the office who is aware of their affair.
If anything, office gossip is now focussed on ‘Vicky’ and ‘Roger’. She is 26 and single, he is 43 and married. He has now left his wife and two kids in Kent and moved in with her in Birmingham

Any similar shenanigans to report from your places of work DiS?


“got one of those ridiculous frozen coffee dessert things” remains one of the GOAT posts on old-DiS


not that I know of. I’ll ask around though


Me and the full roast eater have kept our hands off each other.


Nothing doing here. It’s nice and boring.


Not the use of ‘full roast’ I was expecting for this thread. But welcome nonetheless.


banned act


Certainly a written warning, I’d say


I’m open to offers.




I’ll just wait to see if anyone else…ah fuck it, stationery cupboard?


I want my money first.


I caught the lift just as the doors were closing about 6 months or so ago. When the doors opened, a couple were embracing and quickly flew apart from each other. I got in and they proceeded to have the most awkward small talk conversation in the knowledge that I’ve seen them “together” as it were.

He’s “happily” married apparently.


Addendum to the OP.

I forgot to mention: Becky and Michelle were at a business function yesterday afternoon and evening. There were up the Oxo Tower together.


One guy who is quite high up at my work started bonking his assistant. They were both recently married and both left their partners to start a relationship.

On the day she turned up at his house to move her stuff in, he broke it off with her on the doorstep.

They’re now going out again ¯_(ツ)_/¯


No she’s now head of a department which she doesn’t really have any experience in.

Again, ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I know of an academic in a different institute who was caught having sex with a graduate student in his office. Standard HE activity tbh. I don’t even think he got sacked?


An academic round these parts had an affair with a graduate student who was under his supervision, while his (pregnant) wife was working in the same lab.


No professional repercussions for him, obviously.


Your parts?