Office Artwork

What artwork you got in your office? Lots of people out today, so I went on a little tour.

Here’s an old classic.

Always wondered if the cat is attacking the lady or if the cat is falling and trying to hold onto something.

Isometric views make me think of computer games.

I took this one so it looked like I was looking at the man running away.


Which one are you?


Loads and loads and loads of signed football shirts, boots etc. Some extremely impressive (Messi, Ronaldo, Pele etc) some much less so…

What’s the least impressive?

(Please be as uncharitable as possible)


Picasso and Warhol shit and a bunch of Olympics stuff.

Think there’s still a dilbert comic up on the 10th floor

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nah, boring expensive prints

Absolutely fuck all.

Really like all in the OP. The cat is definitely punching the lady.

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Bold choice of colour splash though.

Difficult to look past this really:

I’ve got the original grant certificate for the earliest patent on our core technology on the wall of my office.

In my defense, it was my big boss who put it there.

#1 train calendar

#2 paris

#3 harbour


The lady is wearing the cat as an earring

Is there another one on the other side, hanging down her back?

He asked us what our favourite work of art was,
But never could I tell him
It was him