Office cards/collections

what’s your stance on contributing to birthday/wedding/other collections circulated round your office?

as i’ve mentioned on here before there’s a large section of folk who work here who don’t even acknowledge your existence when you walk past them in the office, just had TWO collections sent round for the same person who has a birthday coming up and also happens to be off sick

if i’ve spoken to the person before and they haven’t come off as a complete weapon i’ll normally stick in a couple of quid

what say you…?

Work has forgotten my birthday for the last three years in a row but I still always chip in for others and write ‘all the best’ in their cards.

Fucking hero.


I’m an extremely generous collection donater. If I know who the fuck the person is.

No idea who most people on the floor are though. I haven’t even given them nicknames, they’re just background noise to me.

At last place of work £2 quid/loose change for a random event or someone I’m not bothered about - £10 for a close colleague leaving. Too many people and too many events to pay out more than that. Im now home based however so I don’t have to deal with any of that shit :smiley:

this also resolves the mental rules around who brings in cakes when it’s your birthday*

*as a side note it should be illegal to work on your birthday

Fiver for one of my direct reports. Sign a card for someone I know. Fuck all for boss or anyone on a higher pay grade than me.

If it’s your birthday you bring in cake - if it’s a big birthday it’s nice if someone offers to make a special one for you

another good reason to never work on your birthday

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Used to be a guy here who would add a load of kisses to someone else message in the card. I liked that.



Person I like and work with: sign card, put money in
Person I don’t like but work with: sign card
Person I like but seldom work with: sign csed

Everyone else can go swivel.

fuck those guys!

Would rather just sign it than have to explain why I didn’t.

sign what I like and give cash to whoever I like. I’m a fucking workplace birthday card renegade essentially.

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How many times did you go to start typing this and then back off?


Have no problem signing cards adding to a collection but have kept my birthday secret from everyone as I would dread being in the office around my birthday if there was a chance that people would come out of the kitchen with a cheap birthday cake and everyone start singing at me!


Same here. Been at this gaff the best part of two years and no one would have a clue when my birthday.

Usually work my birthday too as I am really not into doing anything for my birthday…

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I’m exactly the same, the company I work for even allow us to book a day off for our birthday but I’ve never booked it as I never really do anything for my birthday and if I book it off then they will know when it is.

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All line managers receive an automated email of their direct reports’ birthdays a week prior in our place.

The joys of being a contractor - OFF THE GRID :sunglasses: