Office Christmas lunch in London


Hello - i’m going to take my team of 5 somewhere nice for Christmas lunch.

Open to austere or informal venues. Just want nice food and drink for less than £30 per head.




toby carvery
only costs £13.49 for 3 courses (£10 for 2 courses)
get a bottle of wine each


What’s your date range? You could save a packet if you book it for October.


Coach trip out to a Little Chef.


Last year I had to organise the whole bloody party for about 50 people
One of the main motivations for leaving tbqh


my cousin does this for her work and fucking loves it. it proper consumes two months of her life beforehand but then the whole office gets her a present for christmas.


some also offer 3 courses for £45.99 on christmas day. £18.99 on boxing day.


We’re going to Bill’s.

I suppose it COULD be worse.


Seems like there would be easier ways to get given the second cheapest gift basket Body Shop do.



FY 2016/17


Most of my organising involved extremely passive aggressive emails with the accounts team (in glasgow who wouldn’t have had any benefit from this so understandably didn’t care) because I basically wanted to fritter the whole thing on alcohol. I actually did manage to get them to authorise a load of it in for in office pre-drinks but after sending about 4 essays about the cultural tradition of booze at Christmas and its general importance to any celebration.
Probably just wanted to shut me up.


On the company or on you?


We’re going to a mid-range steakhouse in Smithfields, to eat steak.
Already looking forward to my butternut squash ravioli.


Think i’ll pay for booze.


Delightful. I’ll send you my CV.

I’m borderline unemployable but I’m obsequious to fault.


We just confirmed the date and menu for ours today.

Mushroom risotto it is, then.


we’re getting a two-course buffett and two sweets of our choice. fully expecting to only be eating crudites and fruit.

dunno why insist on paying £10 (company pays the rest) to give my food away to people for seconds, when other people for work meet us for drinks after anyway. only one year (2014) were a venue accommodating and i ate two courses like everyone else.


u wot