Office door etiquette

I work in my own office (ie not open plan). I always used to leave the door open so anyone could come in at anytime. Recently though I’ve been shutting my door and I have to say I love it. Less interruptions. Less noise. Less hassle. But I think it can be perceived as quite passive aggressive and antisocial although I’m not at work to necessarily socialise.

What do you do? Door open come and join the party? Or door shut piss off world I’m busy?

Thinly veiled “I have my own office” thread.

Nobody here can help you with that I’m afraid Gordon Gecko.


I’m open plan now but had a two person office in my previous work. Door was open/shut based on temperature primarily. We did shut it when on calls and things but normally had it open.

I just let my secretary deal with all that tbh

Office door closed 100% of the time for me.

There are some right noisy cunts out in the open plan bit (not people I work with, they’re in another department). Need to block out the inanity.

Whenever i have my own office i’ll have it closed. Dont care if it’s rude, got shit to do m9s.

I’m not here to make friends ok!!!


I share an office with three others. There’s a door to our office that usually stays shut, but we’ll prop it open if it’s a hot day.

My company has just moved at the weekend. Gone from an office where departments were partitioned off to fully open plan (which I think will change down the line as we renovate). Weirdly, now it’s open plan, the noise is actually less disruptive - more of a general babble, rather than before when you were always intently conscious of conversations coming through the partitions. And it’s much easier to flag someone down or approach someone. I quite like it. The only point of contention now is that we have the whole building and no one wants to answer the door. Some jumped up manager has tried to ban people ordering packages to the office, so we’re planning to send him a tonne of gifts via Amazon.

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My door, like my heart, is always open.

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I’ve only ever had my own office once and it was probably the most junior job I’d had to date tbh it was just in a solicitor’s and they seem to like everyone being in their own room.
Closed, of course, with the computer positioned inward for the optimum bunking off environment.


I’d fucking kill for my own office!

Everyone is open plan here, including the directors and stuff - only have meeting rooms around the edges - and it’s so unbelievably noisy. I have to have my earphones in for most of the day to shut out the background noise, otherwise I would get nothing done!

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Manager here yesterday: If you want to have a conversation take it to the break out area.

Never in my life did I imagine that I’d work in a place with a ‘break out area’.

How’s life in the prison service treating you?

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It’s all open plan here. Sometimes I book a room for a couple of hours just to sit in by myself. Which isn’t weird.

Off to work in-house at a client’s office in a couple of weeks and I usually get my own office. I hardly ever get anyone coming to find me as I’m usually the only person in my department, but I feel like I’ll be judged for having it closed. There are some days where I’ll have no work to do at all and would like to just read a book but I’m anxious my boss will see me slacking and stop hiring me in if there’s not enough work for me to do.

My boss has started shutting her door for “temperature” reasons. Think she just enjoys being able to browse Facebook without people judging her.