Office Etiquette


As you are walking in in the morning it is down to those already seated and working to greet you first if they choose to. Obviously you’re more likely to disturb their focus.

I think this is a good rule.


Don’t mind comings or goings however they happen.

Basically my only thing is I’ll sort of think you’re a prick if you never offer to make drinks for anybody. Otherwise, anything goes.


I don’t drink hot drinks so I think this exempts me. Every so often I get a coffee from the machine, but I’m fucked if that means I’m making everyone else a cup of tea.

And yes, OP is right.


Even if I never accept a drink? Or drink anything except water in the office?


I just say hi to everybody I pass (all three of them) who’s not on the phone, because I’m Kind Of A Big Deal and it’s obviously the highlight of their morning.


You are a strange man


Eh, sorta, I’m not going to know the inner workings of your drinking habits


nah mate. everyone makes their own drinks. i’m not trusting the people i work with to make my tea for me.


Besides, I don’t think anyone would want me to make tea for them, given I’ve never drunk it.


Just gives an air of not giving a crap about anyone doesn’t it, which you all don’t anyway, so stop complaining.


Certainly couldn’t give a shit about their drinks.

The girls in my office all go and make tea together every hour.

  1. That’s way too often
  2. If I made it for them, it would deprive them of their hourly 15 minute break.


they have 9 or so teas per day?!


I’m not making tea or coffee for anyone. Fuckers can do it themselves.


They absolutely do. And they spend a loooong time ‘making it’ (just being in the kitchen).


I used to go every hour when I was in an office.

Killed off ten minutes off each soul crushing hour, 5 to make the tea, 5 for the wee I would need half-hour on. I would drink good lot of water during the day and all to boost toilet breaks.

Seeing as previous job had set timed morning and lunch break I also enjoyed being able to drink all day long


Someone offers to do a round of drinks, how many would it need to get to before you offered to give them a hand. 4 I reckon


There’s a guy here who is so terrible at making hot drinks that everyone else makes them for him. He’s possibly just good at making people think he can’t make them.


This is DiS mate we stew in the corner saying nothing to anybody and try to hide giggling at Simpsons quotes on your phone


I say hello to everyone as I pass them when I come in to the office in the morning.

I only drink water at work so am not involved in the tea/coffee rounds at all.