Office Gossip / Drama thread (rolling?)

A guy has just come back from paternity leave as him and his partner (female) have just had a baby and he’s just given the woman next to me a massive hug and said in her ear “oh YOU smell rather delicious”

  • That’s fine
  • That’s a bit weird

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Did he hug you after?

No. Nobody else got hugs :frowning:

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The intern declared that she’s “a hugger” and insisted on hugging me goodbye (forever) yesterday. Not really a fan of the optics of a crusty old fuck like me hugging a 21 year old woman in a fairly secluded office but there was no easy way out.

No gossip so far but give it 24 hours.


Sinister. Never hug epimer guys


Know of any active affairs in your workplace?

  • I do
  • I do not
  • I do not but have my suspicions

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Scotch eggs are delicious tho

We think that the guy who got fired recently did NOT go quietly, but it’s been hard to get the goss.

I’ve heard a rumour that one guy in our office spends most of his day on the internet on some weird old-fashioned bulletin board posting some of the most banal stuff you’ve ever read. Pretty fucking weird behaviour if you ask me.


No but the one of the butchers and one of the waitresses are moving in together I think.

Never good dating coworkers like that. The steaks are too high.


Really puzzled by the idea having any sort of interaction with anyone you actually work with voluntarily


One of them will realise they’ve made a misteak.

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I was thinking of something along the lines of ‘multiple stakeholders’ but couldn’t make it work :frowning:

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My office has had tonnes of shenanigans.

Was told that before I joined my old boss (who now’s left) was once hooking up with some young intern with someone in the aftermath on an office party when another senior manager walked in on them. They invited him to join in. This senior manager is married with three children. No one likes him.

We have a whole bunch of young graduates in one department and they’re constantly fucking / fighting / falling out with one another. Two of them, both of whom had partners, were hooking up for ages thinking it was some clever secret when of course everyone knew, he apparently thought they were going to leave their partners to be together, but she eventually put a stop to that, now they very clearly ignore each other.

Just found out this morning that the beautiful, charming married dude in my team has apparently been snogging the handsome Frenchman from across the office. I don’t know if he has an open marriage or whatever (and I didn’t realise the French dude was gay / bisexual), so I’m quite shocked but trying not to judge.

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I guess a butcher might have a steak-holder pension?


No need to get chopsy.


ooh someone’s got the rump this morning


There was a silence, but it’s a shame to fillet with such negativity.