Office Heating Census

If it’s too warm i start getting sniffly.

If it’s too cold my hands become stiff.

I’ve worked in offices where people have blow heaters going all day. Everyone seems to have a permanent cold.

Other places are so cold i’ve had to wear fingerless gloves at my desk.

One place i worked at there were so many rows about the heating i suggested a cool and warm office and everybody laughed thought i was an idiot.

I think you ideally want a steady heat of 16-18 degrees with no fucking fan heaters, eh?

People who are too cold in an office are, in my opinion, very selfish

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Turn mine to 24 when I get in, then down to 21 later. I don’t think the numbers correlate to actual temperatures, the whole system is fucked and needs replacing.

Got a backup heater for when the main thing breaks but it’s shite.

I think it’s a tricky one because of, reasons, and stuff.

I don’t dispute that some people are legitimately too cold but the fundamental truth of the matter in any temperature related dispute is that you can take measures to warm yourself up but you can do nothing to cool yourself down

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What about an electric fan, a cool drink, or opening a window?

My darling partner’s counterargument to this is that once she gets below a certain temperature, those measures stop doing anything until she’s had a hot bath.

I’m not sure that’s consistent with various laws of thermodynamics but who am I to argue

Electric fan really only just moves hot air around (or some bullshit, I do have an electric fan on my desk obvs)

A lot of offices don’t have openable windows and a cold drink is a very temporary measure.

Sorry what? Isn’t 16 the legal minimum for workplaces like offices? No, i don’t want my office to be 16-18C, I’ll die

Signed, woman currently wearing 2 long sleeved tops, a jumper, a scarf and a winter coat at her desk

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Is that true?

Our heating starts at 8 degrees and goes up to 30 so i’ve always assumed 17ish is mid range.

I’ve got it on 16 now and it’s toasty. Any more than about 18 and it’s uncomfortable and gets to my throat.

genuinely not really affected or bothered by temperature unless its extreme either way, so happy for people to have whatever setting they like.

Had to be more respectful of this since I found out a while back that women get colder than men.

That said I do worry for some people’s heating bills at home

I was listening to a podcast the other day that was saying about how this reverses with age so it ends up being the opposite. Bodies are well weird eh

Maybe your thermostat isn’t working properly? I’m always trying to explain to my bf that his is broken because the heating still comes on even though it’s set to like 11 and the flat is 20ish, but he doesn’t seem to understand what they’re supposed to do.

I’d say 18-20C is a more normal room temp but personally I’d be happier with 24-26

Hoping that the silver lining of getting older will be that one day i won’t have to wear a coat at my desk

Did they say why? Wonder if older women are generally more active than older men and it’s circulatory or something?

I think it’s because of the menopause maybe? I should add that this Podcast was Questlove interviewing Seth Rogen so maybe I leant more of an air of credibility to that claim than it deserves by saying “I heard it on a podcast” tbf

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Always too warm but then heating is sexist so whayagonado

Ah, i thought we were talking older people, as in it levels out much later in life, like pension-age, etc.

This place is heated like a furnace and it’s absolutely awful. Feels like I’ve had the same cold since November.