office lunch thread

for those of you who work in an office - where do you eat lunch?

at your desk? in a communal kitchen space? canteen?

if you bring in your own lunch - do you keep it close by or risk putting it in a communal fridge? if you use a communal fridge how militantly is to monitored? ever have things thrown out without your consent?

I’d only been in my current job for about 2 weeks when i went to retrieve my lunch, that my wife had made for me, from the communal office fridge. I got back to my desk and realised that she’d made me egg mayo sandwiches (which i don’t like) so i quickly binned them and went out to buy another sandwich

i text her shortly after to sheepishly apologise for binning the lunch she’d lovingly prepared for me to which she replied that she hadn’t made me said sandwiches, i then realised i had in fact binned someone else’s lunch



Sackable offence.


can’t believe you don’t like egg mayo sandwiches


only eaten by perverts and wrong un’s i’m afraid

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Free canteen. Literally the best thing about the job.

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agreed, but i work in possibly the most unfriendly office in the world so i like to think it was one of the many people i dislike who work here’s lunch

anyway, it turns out that when you go to the supermarket, if you keep walking past the sandwiches, you can also purchase all of the constituent parts of said sandwich. by outsourcing the labour to myself, not only do I ensure no sandwich sogginess, but I also save a pretty penny. none of this sandwich confusion either!

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They are not becoming more friendly if you keep throwing their lunch away.

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This does not sound economical.

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i like egg mayo sandwiches but eating them in an office environment is a no no


fuck off, we get it, you have a big salary.

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they’re mostly all dicks so i’m cool with that


There is actually a fairly nice communal eating area but it’s full of TV people so i dont go there.

Not true, can’t stand the bitterness.

I was expecting a celery joke and you didn’t let me down, thanks

you gonna leave a note explaining the situ or see what happens?

Posting bot is almost fully operational.

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Bring lunch from home, leave it in my bag (don’t bring anything that needs refrigerating).

Used to always get away from my desk when I was based in London - cos otherwise you’d always get a “I can see you’re eating your lunch, so I don’t want to bother you, but [proceeds to bother you]” from someone.

However there’s nowhere in this office to get away to, but also thankfully no senior staff from my bit to bother me. So I just sit at my desk.

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Think he needs to hand in his notice tbh. Only way to resolve this.

this was about 2 and a half years ago, so nah fuck 'em