office lunch thread

yeah you’ve probably missed your window


This has done me. Definitely not in a meeting.

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Stop reading dis in meetings!

It’s the only thing that gets me thru :sob:

I feel you, at least no one can see what I’m doing when I’m in meetings

in fairness meetings are usually shit boring

Yeah I was thinking she was sat there on her phone reading dis but she’s probably on a laptop so…

I have a meeting at four during which I will have something to eat, do some washing, read dis, get changed - pretty much anything other than listen to the meeting

I eat my lunch in the meeting room whilst people play darts for money. I usually just look at memes.

One good thing of working remotely is I can angle my webcam so my phone is off view, and then just spent the meeting looking at it

Who says my career has stalled?

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I sit near the photocopier.

Are you ever tempted to photocopy your lunch?

Are you ever tempted to ph-ABANDON POST

i also used to work in an office with a woman who would regularly bring in mcdonald’s and fish suppers to eat at her desk, unsurprisingly she was a total cunt

At an old job there was a union rep that would sometimes appear and sit at our bank of desks, he always wore a Tolpuddle Martyrs baseball cap and would bring a massive Burger King meal. You tell where he was sat after because the keyboard was always shiny with grease.