Office Supervillains

Who would be the most villainous?

  • The Stapler
  • The Hole Puncher
  • The Laminator

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the ‘how was your weekend?er’

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Oh you mean…



hole punchers seem like nice guys

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Chris Finch

You wouldn’t say that if you had had your hole punched.


Stapler and hole punch get used far too frequently to be scary. When the laminator gets turned on, you know you’re in for it. Like that teacher who only ever shouted once, but when he did the whole fucking school heard it.


stapler and hole puncher seem like the heavies, will mess you up. laminator just waits in the background, watching.

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Not sure I’ve ever worked somewhere with a laminator. Not much call for laminating spreadsheets.

Don’t forget the most vicious of them all, the French-themed supervillain with a hatred of the monarchy/bits of paper that are too big for their purpose…

:fr: :dagger: :axe: :tokyo_tower:THE GUILLOTINE :tokyo_tower: :axe: :dagger: :fr:


Hole puncher if the bottom part is missing and they leave a trail of paper circles across the office

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Yeah exactly. They’re the henchmen; The Laminator is the ringleader.

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That’s their MO. Forensics turn up the next morning, and some guy in a hazmat suit takes one look at the scene, takes a long, slow intake of breath and says “this looks like the work of The Hole Puncher”

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People who put up passive aggressive signs

It’s the “sshhhh some of us are trying to work around here” ones.

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Several of these all interconnected, prime for the shocking image

Hole punches without those extender arm things so you can get the holes in the right place are the biggest villains.

Ooft. The Staple Remover