Office toilet etiquette #7841

So there is this guy at work who after doing his business, washes his hands (without soap) and then rather than drying them with the Dyson Airblade, walks out and to the kitchen to use the paper towels there. He leaves the door and handle soaking with water. I think he’s also a sit-down pisser.

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How many times have you been in the toilet with him to assume that this is his normal routine?

I’ve been in this particular office for a year, and so I’d estimate maybe 20 or so times I’ve witnessed this in the toilets. Also several times I’ve been in the kitchen and he’s come in to dry his hands on the paper towels.

That’s quite a lot of times.

Leave a turd wrapped in hand towels in his in tray. He’ll get the message.

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maybe once a fortnight? probably go to the toilet two or three times a day? Don’t think that’s too unusual really.

Not disgusting, just a bit inconvenient.

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Think i’ve said before that i do bits of market research as a secondary job. Not that i’m not ultra-wadded and extraordinarily successful for a man of my age (28), and yes my outstanding work ethic does catch up with me when you factor in all the charity work, which is very important to me, but to get to the point, i once did some research for a toiletries company and amongst a plethora of mundane questions were some related to toilet habits. The results showed that 59% of men and 71% of women don’t wash their hands at all after using the toilet. Insane.

Swapped those over and you might’ve had me going there chief.

This him ?