Office Woes

The little Quicksave icon in Excel is so close to the File menu that I just pressed Save instead of doing a Save As and making a new file.


You can’t undo a save either can you? Fucken bollox m8

F12 you fool!

We’re getting a new printer installed but I need to print stuff.


It’ll never happen again.

No, but you can copy the version you just saved then hit CTRL+Z until you get back the version you had before and save that.

This is something I have to do frequently in Word because I have to make the same Release Notes document over and over with minor changes.

This might be one of those daft things that people get around easily, but I open a CSV in excel, change some stuff and hit save - “some features might be lost if saved as a CSV, etc - keep using that format?”, click yes, close the file, “want to save your changes?”, I haven’t made any but click save anyway, “some features might be lost…”, YOU KNOW WHAT JUST FORGET IT.


This is such a niche thing for me to know, but that came up in a Reddit AMA recently, and Microsoft included a fix in the latest version of Office:

Incredible news