Official DiS Buy A Chocolate Bar You Can't Remember The Last Time You Bought Day

Let’s all try to do this today yeah? I can’t remember the last time I had a Picnic, or a Mars, or a Curly Wurly (do they exist?), or a normal (non-chunky) Kit-Kat. Those are just off the top of my head, will check out the selection later. Join me!


yorkie raisin and biscuit

The budgens across the road is having a closing down sale so I’m going to get involved with this Smee

Twirl, no one buys Twirls

I love this idea Smee, thanks but unfortunately I won’t be visiting a shop at lunch today thanks to the first in a series of about 12 all-day meetings scheduled in the next few weeks.

Please rest assured that if I were participating I would have bought a Lion bar though.

I sometimes buy a Twirl on accounts of you get two of them


I like Twirls. A practical flake, what’s not to like?


don’t think I’ve ever* had one of these

i’m gonna go for a topic, maybe? that’s my favourite one i’ve not bought for a while

Ooh quite fancy a Topic.


buy one on your way home Ant, we’ll have a full review tomorrow (though rolling reports throughout today are of course encouraged)

oh I’m not doubting the quality, I’m just saying you never seen anyone with a bar of one

If I was still in the UK, I would have gotten a Fuse bar

well knockl me over with a feather

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I’ve never bought a Boost I don’t think. I’ve had one but I don’t know why

Today I am running home for the first time ever, I will not be able to visit a shop during the run unfortunately. I’ll see if I can pick one up from mini-Bo’s right by my flat upon arrival and chomp it down before dinner but I can’t guarantee anything.

don’t think i’ve bought a chocolate bar of any sort in over a year. still got chocolate left over from last easter.

idk, I’d probably go for a Caramac?

I tend to have a Boost before DiS footy matches on accounts of how they have the word “boost” in their title and I need a boost before playing soccer.


RIP the Maverick bar (1997-2000)