Official DiS Shorts / Bare Legs Audit

19/4 first shorts of the year in SO19. Currently 19oC



Had them on for two days in March but not since… but I’m gonna be wearing them all week in sunny Italy :sunglasses:


In shorts yesterday 18/4

In dress with bare legs and arms today.

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Can I talk about the fact I’m not wearing tights in here or do I have to start a new thread for the bare legged Disers wearing dresses?


Yes and I have amended the thread accordingly.

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In absolutely shocking levels of peculiarity, I’ven’t worn shorts out all year. I’m always in shorts normally but have been living it up long leg style, and today is no exception. Already regretting it though.

Who likes short shorts?

Me, it’s quite warm out.

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Haven’t quite stretched to shorts, I am however going out wearing a football shirt (Colombia) on my top half without a hoodie or whatever for backup.

Forecast says it’ll be 22 this afternoon, so it is very close to shorts weather tbf.

Been wearing shorts on an off since the end of Feb, but, except for work, I’ve had them on solidly since Monday

Feast your eyes DISers



My first bare legs day was March 31st but I will be rocking the shit out of that look all weekend for sure

This can double as my Friday selfie

Honestly, if everyone has been bare legged for that long WHY IS THIS THE FIRST AUDIT. What other crucial information have we missed?! You’ve really dropped the ball on this one DiS.


Accidently clicked this scrolling down, was greated by this


Casual bike wankering

First shorts of the year yesterday - gardening related

no one wants to see my bare legs though

First shorts was in Feb. Then back to trousers for a bit but starting yesterday it’s officially shorts season until at least September.


Just got back from a ride (longer travel full suss bike so baggy shorts mandatory)

Now wearing different shorts

haven’t worn shorts for at least 15 years

generally curious what your hot take is on purposefully hot legs in summer