Official DiS Shorts / Bare Legs Audit


I guess if I WFH nobody’s gonna stop me


Today and yesterday but feeling self conscious of my healing tattoo because it’s looking a bit grim.


Had legs waxed on Friday and they’re still at the slightly shiny stage, which will be why the st tropez didn’t stick!!! #milkbottle


lol photo of my two pints-


YAAAy that worked well.

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Gone for the cropped leggings and short sleeved dress look, that’s as close to shorts as I’ll get.


I wore some shorts yesterday but I treated them like pants and wore trousers over them. Washing machine was playing up u c.


i do this sometimes. feels so wrong yet so right


I know what you mean. Maybe the looseness is good.


I’m sure I could do shorts at work but I stick to skirts/dresses. It’s easier to find ones that get the right balance between respectable and not old-fashioned.


I got a small round of applause for my legs on the picket line this morning.

I’m having a coffee in the sun now.

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