Official DiS Web Developer Thread

Post in here if you’re a web developer and we can all fix each others problems i.e. mine

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z-index: 100000000000000

£500 please


and don’t ask me how to fix anything, google/stack overflow innit

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Me. Still using Classic ASP for the other halves site. :upside_down_face: I use slightly more recent technology at work.

we’re still on ASP.NET MVC, so about 3 versions out of date - we do have a Classic ASP app floating around somewhere but fortunately i’m not responsible for doing anything with it, just telling the guy who does have to work on it what to do

want to do something with ASP.NET Core or, ideally, Angular/React/whatever this month’s js framework is but my work is glacial in terms of keeping up with latest tech and non-Microsoft stuff scares them :confused:

Can you just embed a StoryMap? THey’re a bit clunky, but they’re the ones I use for virtual tours on my site. It’s really very basic but it might save a lot of work/budget if it’s similar to what you’re looking for.

(Like this

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Do a bit of front end, but mostly back end stuff with a language that is like a bastardised SQL, and probably has very little transferability should I ever leave this pos software

Used to do a fair bit of front end stuff, quite out to the loop these days!


Well this one just requires copying the text into an online map and uploading a photo, then embedding the code. It’s so easy (and free). Might be worth taking a look into anyway, this is the site where I make them

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nah. Saying it is like SQL is probably over egging it. Maybe I post some examples and we can all see and discuss!!111 omg!111

It just changes all the sodding time as well doesn’t it? I was able to use some simple vue.js in the ASP as an exercise to teach myself something.

Probably more enjoyable than having to help this apparently-not-junior dev with every fucking aspect of his fucking day

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i did a bit of React outside of work, was doing it on the train to/from work but had to give up because every single tutorial was:

  1. start tutorial
  2. get new package from npm
  3. wait for ages to actually download the new package because the reception on my train journey is shite
  4. finish download of new package
  5. arrive at destination, abandon tutorial

seemed ok but learn absolutely fuck all tbh.

only thing i’ve been able to actually bring in recently was using Sass instead of just css, but everyone else has just shrugged at it and isn’t bothering.

is it better to be a web developer than a data analyst?

Is ASP.NET MVC out of date then? That’s what we use at work. I’m just front-end though.

Comparing apples to fish there really.

Me, I’m a web developer or ‘software engineer’ as we choose to elevate ourselves at my place. Just been moving a .NET project over to Node.js and React frontend. Interesting but find the node ecosystem a bit like the wild west. No canonical way to do stuff, and solving every problem by adding another sodding NPM package.

Front end toolchain is a bloody nightmare these days too, there’s no easy way to get started like there used to be with pure HTML and CSS. I moved into front end first and then more and more server-side and infrastructure stuff over the last few years.

God that’s a boring post. I’m on 4 months paternity leave so might retrain as a farmer or something.

What was the question again?



Yes, the place I’m now working in is like a role call of trendy internet buzzwords.

For everyone in this thread, are you all really into techie stuff? See, I’m not, so I feel so out of place (not to mention rubbish at this job) because all the other developers seem really techie. One day, I’m going to be found out, if I haven’t already.

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