Official general election day thread


No, I’m more triggered about the likely result.

Still having trouble as to whether I should vote tactically or vote for the party I actually want.

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Can’t decide whether to stay up tonight. Either I risk missing the very slim chance of a shock result…or I stay up until I’m bleary eyed, watching TM’s smug stupid face and then feel like shit tomorrow.

What’s going on in your constituency? Do you have the opportunity to help prevent a Tory getting in/remaining?

Postal vote a while ago, it feels strange not doing it in person. Got 2 friends who both work for the Labour Party who predict they will lose seats today. I hope they’re wrong.

have voted already. went tactical, don’t really like it but fuck the Tories.


I’m not a fan of this Corbyn led Labour party at all. My MP is a Tory Brexit-er that also voted against same sex marriage. The constituency I’m in is either Tory or Labour. Grudgingly I’ll definitely be voting Labour but with no enthusiasm for doing so.


Taking the view at this election that voting tactically (anti-Tory) is most important. That’s a shame, but it’s what I’m resigned to right now.


Glasgow NE so maybe a tiny chance non-indie ppl go for the Tory vote.

Can’t help but feel my labour vote would be wasted. Think I know what to do !

I’m generally an optimist but this is going to be completely grim.

I wonder how many of the young voters that the campaign has engaged will be put off politics for life by the result.

Really? Tory got around 5% in the last 2 elections.

oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck

how are you?

Tories right now:


Done a vote. Reckon Labour are on for a landslide victory if my polling station is anything to go by! (One person (me) voting Labour. Can’t argue with 100%)


:x: (fuck the character limit)

The evil empire have done their work and a billion comic readers will do as they’re told and vote out of fear (apologies to readers of actual comics- you’re all good eggs). Tomorrow is the beginning of the same turgid miserable shit we’ve been spoon fed for the last forever, but just like when I buy a lottery ticket, a tiny part of me will be holding out hope when I cast my vote later. Should get it in early to maximise that time before reality dawns.

Woo, I’m upbeat today! Bring it on.

Really wouldn’t bother mate, for your own sanity.

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Wish my polling station wasn’t right next to the co-op with all their special offers on tasty, tasty, refreshing, [word] alcohol. That’s going to be the second willpower test of the morning.

(Genuinely can’t remember the word for when you forget stuff) :sweat_smile:

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You know what, I can’t think of one to go in that sentence neatly either. TORY MIND CONTROL.