Official general election day thread



Sure is. Corbyn’s gotten a lot better with his public address (although he’s always been v. strong in and amongst the public) but he was hamstrung initially by having to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with internal threats. It’s a shared burden and recalcitrant MPs contributed to it undoubtedly.

I was very impressed by his set piece speeches during the campaign. I was always stumped by how bad his early speeches were. If you go back and watch his one to the Labour Conference in 2015 and watch his speech after Manchester in 2017 you can see how much he’s upped his game. And fair play.


As much Tory spin there’s been about Corbyn’s Islington ivory tower in the past, London housing issues are really his bread and butter. He will be like a dog with a bone about this (and rightly so).


let’s just shoot the bastards now.


Yeah saw this earlier and think this might be his head tbh (could be wishful thinking)


I mean, it was in 2013, but yeah CWBAFT





Wow, that would have literally been the death of me.


Good lord.



Can’t argue with that.


And not irrational either. All the signs were there.


I wonder how the Tories who were referring to her as “mummy” feel about her now?




Labour at Net ZERO! Get in :joy:


No I can’t read graphs


Asked my mate who works for a Tory MP what the mood was, and it largely matches this. Said they were gutted with how badly the campaign was run from the centre, but at the same time, there’s no appetite to replace her because there’s no improvement to be made.

Also asked him how he felt that he was one of the nellies who joined Labour just to help vote for Jezza as leader, and how that has backfired. He said as long as it helped him avoid the gulag in the socialist republic to come, he was okay with it.


Gulags for the many, not the few


Gulags for some, socialist utopia for others