Official general election day thread


I’m sure your mate is a good lad and this was just a gag, but the Conservatives’ reckoning with the changing demographics of the electorate has been fast-forwarded 10 years thanks to last Thursday. He’d be better off getting to grips with it.


was that only last thursday? bloody hell still pinching myself


I think that specific gag was a because I told him his name would be carved on the Wall of Heroes in our coming utopia for his vision in electing Corbo.

He is a good lad, but the cognitive dissonance I have to handle in order to believe that is increasingly difficult.


I’m at risk of getting a bit overly serious here, but the binary definition of Labour = good and Tory = evil probably won’t do us any favours long term either.


points to gulag


I know, I know, and I don’t think he’s evil at all. But the older I get and the more entrenched I become in my views the harder it seems to be for me to tolerate those I disagree with. So even though we have lots in common and enjoy each other’s company, there’s just this aspect that I have to try and ignore. Bear in mind he once proudly told me he considered himself partly responsible for Brexit (as he works for one of the backbench Tory MPs who worked hardest to get Cameron to call the referendum).


The (proper thin) rumour of Lib Dem/ Tory coalition II: Electric bugaloo on twitter

Imagine if they did it. Hahahahahaha


First thing I thought when I saw Farron going home was that they’re preparing for a coalition. If they do it’ll be a fucking nightmare for all involved.


How would a new ConDem pairing work with Brexit though?


Bit hard not to be hardline when one party has policies that leads to disabled people committing suicide tbh


Same as the last one did, they’d be going “oh we know we said this, but now it’s different”, and everyone will understand and their popularity will remain.


I am personally quite happy that I don’t have a single friend or close relative who’s a Tory. I don’t give a fuck how bubble-echo-chambery it makes me, it means I’m a better person.


LD 2010 pre election: No more tutition fees guys
LD 2010 tory coalition: We are sorry to inform you tuition fees have trebled soz lol

LD 2017 pre election: Brexit is terrible, no brexit pls
LD 2017 tory coalition: We are sorry to inform you we are having a mega-brexit with conversion of the british isles into a huge bio-dome, plus tuition fees gonna double again, soz lol.


Gulags for some, socialist utopia for others, magic money trees for all!


They’d go along with everything the Tories do on Brexit as long as there’s another in/out referendum at the end of it.


Surely they can’t be that stupid to go into coalition with the cunts. They’ve not even come close to recovering from the last one.


wait what? why are you talking about this? has something happened?


maybe they’d even prefer it to be an insanely hard brexit if they thought that would mean it more likely to get voted down by the electorate at the end.


no nothing’s happened it’s just anti-bants


you guys!