Official general election day thread


nah just a very vague and unconfirmed rumour, but I don’t trust Vince Cable so…

I actually voted one of them in as well. Will be extremely annoyed if they do any sort of deal with th tories


I’ve got plenty of mates who either habitually or occasionally vote Conservative. Friendship transcends politics, although we’ve all got our limits.


this is true but it’s so so much shitter for people on lower wages who are actually required to be doing work all the time and aren’t just sitting at a desk sending a few emails. I’d say the majority of the world’s paid labour is actually the sort that requires people to be working constantly.

that’s not even considering unpaid labour that we just don’t think of as work.


It’s come from this, I think:

As one of the replies says, it would have to go back to delegates, and they’d never approve it.

It may just be the Tories trying to strengthen their hand against the DUP.


Talk about net popularity, don’t talk about popularity


Imagine the Tories did do a deal with the Lib Dems for a second referendum. Would completely flip everything on it’s head. You’d have a Tory government in favour of a second referendum and a Labour opposition in favour of getting on with it.


If the Lib Dems were to coalitionise on the condition of a second referendum (either on soft/hard or a re-run of the first), what would your opinion of them be

  • even bigger cunts than previously
  • still obviously cunts but less so than before
  • no change

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Given that it would totally wipe them out electorally, I would consider it a noble sacrifice.


If they did a coalition on condition of cancelling article 50 and putting brexit in the bin then I’d consider them heroes.

2nd ref… it’s be great, if they could do a proper remain campaign and surely remain would win now everyone knows what’s at stake. Once that’s done they could bin off the tories too tbh.


It’s a crazy hypothetical though. In what world would the Tories be in favour of a second referendum - the only two outcomes are likely to be remaining in the EU or a really bad deal on leaving.



This is a nice idea but even with a 2nd ref they’d promise PR but offer AV

The Tory party is way to twisted & fierce a political animal to give the LibDems a bite of anything worth chewing on


This is what I thought. Basically sacrificing the entire existence of the party for their main pledge.


Gif not playing but I can guess.

I did nearly say I’d be a bit worried that leave would double down and it could go wrong again and we’d be fully fucked but deceived to be positive! Hopefully 2nd time around remainers who didn’t think it would be a leave result and didn’t vote, more young people realising what they had to lose would swing it to remain right?


I mean, maybe, but polling (don’t trust the polls etc) doesn’t show that to be the case at the moment.


I thought general thinking was remain would win if it was was run again

I can’t see how more people would think it a good idea now.

(I literally haven’t read that article.)


A rock solid 51:49 split for remain you say?

SOLD! Let’s get to it!


Whilst we don’t have the final figures yet, YouGov’s research suggests 18-24 turnout was higher in the EU Referendum than at the General Election, and a greater proportion of them voted for Remain than voted for Labour in 2017.

They already realised at the time. They voted, they lost.


General thinking 8 weeks ago was that May would win a landslide

I’d like a 2nd ref with

  • no deal
  • Shit deal
  • Norway lite deal
  • stay in EU

as the 4 options thanks


That’s three more options than a Brexiter can understand, and two more than most of them can count to.