Official general election day thread




Yes, and with the leave vote split 3 ways


will of the ruddy, bloody, gruddy people, mate


I want a second referendum, but only at the stage that these are the only two options:

  • Sorry lads we’ve absolutely fucked this, leaving really isn’t an option :black_square_button:
  • Remain :black_square_button:


Which is actually a more honest referendum as last year 48% voted for Remain & 52% voted for 1000s of different, individual fantasy Brexit scenarios

Will of the people


that’s a fair point, why didn’t they rig the vote like that in the first place


Can still remember some weirdo with a mullet going steadily purple on Question Time as he listed all the imaginary things he thought he voted for in the referendum.


Imagine the Mail if a second ref was called though




Because Cameron would have lost control of the difficult squad in his party if he tried it.


Because David fucking Cameron


I’m facepalming just thinking about it


getting rid of the metric system and going back to imperial measurements?


Davey Cameron is a pie


Want to feel old? This is what The Corrs look like now



Can’t wait until he comes back with Osborne and Fox to reform the SHIELD


I know politics serious business and all but :joy:


Bit of fluff on the face of it but rings true through the entire campaign. When May went to Bridgend (and I’d imagine everywhere else) she surrounded herself with a ring of policeman. Couldn’t wait to get away from the people she serves.
Corbyn exudes integrity and compassion everywhere he goes. How he’s not leading the country is beyond me.


The Man Corr’s aged particularly gracefully.