Official general election day thread


swing and a miss, imo. might work if even one of them some kind of resemblance


Get on with It, corr man!


can’t help but think of

[quote]Hugh Abbot:
Sometimes I… you know, when you meet the real, the actual people… don’t you, I mean, you just look at the little beady eyes and mean mouths sort of sneering, and… I mean, I know this is what they think people like me think so I hate thinking it, but I just find myself thinking they’re from a different fucking species. You know, with their t-shirts and weird trousers and tabards and… Why do they wear clothes with writing on? And why are they so fucking fat? [/quote]


Even better!


She and her team have learned nothing from the past 6 weeks.

The sooner she goes, the fucking better. Honestly, I am finding it hard to believe she has a shred of humanity.

I know it was easier for Corbyn to meet survivors and residents given that he is not leader of the ruling party, but if roles were reversed and he was PM, I simply cannot imagine him not doing exactly as he did today and meeting those directly affected.


They clearly know it looks really bad that she never meets proles in their natural habitat. They’ve calculated it’s still better, on balance, to keep her in a controlled environment at all times. Which is a remarkable implication.


She’s still campaigning


the dup thing, plus this web of corruption and vested interests surrounding grenfell, together with her utter indifference to democracy, ordinary people, the wishes of her own party…they can’t last much longer, surely.


Heard a peep of a rumour on the grapevine that returning offers have been told to prepare for another ballot. Not sure if true and it could just be caution on the part of the cabinet office, but otherwise might be indicative that with the DUP agreement dragging on, Sinn Fein’s intervention today and the Lib Dems being invited for a chat, May’s minority isn’t as strong and stable as she first thought?


remember the last coalition where the media were really impatient, and saying the lib dems were holding the county to random with every passing moment, doesn’t seem to be happening this time


Not sure either how she has any legitimacy to begin Brexit negotiations on Monday if the Queen’s Speech isn’t scheduled until the 27th and she has no commons majority - perhaps the EU will refuse to recognise her authority ? heh

Also, doesn’t the fixed term Parliament Act decree that a new election take place if no Govt. has been formed within 14 days?

Might be the situation we’re in. If so, who decides the election date?


Queen’s Speech is next Wednesday (i.e. 21 June), so that’s within the 14 days I think.


You’ve got me all giddy


Plus I think if they try moving it again, HMQ might have her thrown in the Tower for totally buggering up her Ascot week.


Ah, 21st is it? I’ve seen the 27th mentioned a few times - maybe that’s old news?

Whichever way, they’re winging it and I doubt they have many prayers left


She’s still PM - she’s got all the authority in the country sadly.

From what I can tell (and I may be wrong), none of the provisions of the Fixed Term Parliament Act doesn’t apply until a parliament has been formed, which it hasn’t yet. The 14 days thing is that they a new government has to be formed within 14 days of a no confidence vote - which can’t be held yet.

If so whatever the rules were before 2010 still apply right now.


I see

Though I can’t imagine they’d go to the polls again with May at the helm - it’d be total wipeout


No, but if neither they nor Labour can hold together a government (and I don’t think the numbers are quite there for Labour, much as I’d like them to give it a crack) there’s no other option other than paralyising government.


Yes, you’re right. The Queen has to give May the chance of getting a Speech through as leader of the largest party; if she can’t, then she has to give Corbyn a go. If he can’t either, then it’s another election.

I can see that May would want to avoid this at all costs, though. Which means that irrespective of what happens with the DUP, the Queen’s Speech is likely to be pretty bland and contain only measures with which the other parties are unlikely to disagree (some sort of regulation of energy bills for example).


Sure, but I mean it would surely be May handing power to A.N.Other to schedule the GE date

I’m also fairly convinced that the level of incompetence/negligence/fear of the public coming from the Tories right now would push Labour numbers high enough to easily land a progressive alliance