Official general election day thread


True, but I don’t know how they’d fudge their rules to get a credible leader ready and in place in time. I mean, it’s the Tories, so they’d find a way, but still, anything’s possible right now.


Corbyn should offer May a Grand Coalition in return for implementing the entire Labour manifesto inc Leveson 2, putting Starmer in charge of Brexit, replacing Boris with Dianne Abbot & replacing Gove with Caroline Lucas

Unity Govt.


haha wow

from the Brentford & Isleworth Tory campaign: “In particular, staff at central office insisted that there should be no campaigning on local issues, and then tried to micro-manage local canvassing. A list of 10,000 voters was produced from CCHQ data-crunchers; these were the people whom central office had identified as the swing voters who would bring the seat back to the Tories. Local canvassers were supposed to have “10,000 conversations” with these voters, and these voters alone.”




maybe europe will take pity on us


DUP councillor shouted at Rihanna for being unchristian in his field of wheat


if we literally have no one to send to the first meeting, imagine the video the EU could release of them waiting for our representatives to turn up… so much potential for bants


yeah look at the number of people in call centres alone, where literally every minute you’re not talking to a customer is timed and measured to count against you. such a massively demanding job with the shittiest wages and very little thanks or respect.


My mate Liam :heart_eyes:




He’ll be doing the Zack de la Rocha verse from Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck, apparently


John Mcdonnell comes on and does that stupid reverse whammy solo thing Tom Morello likes to do


In a massive heel turn, Corbyn will come out in hunter wellies and a culturally appropriated headdress


Enjoy Parliament at Mendip.


Gurning his head off, glitter smeared on his face and talking about how everyone’s not to worry because he’s got flights sorted to Thailand before the Autumn


*going to do Thailand


winced at him introducing RTJ


Love the idea of Bernie Sanders acting as the go-between to sort it out


They’ve spoken about supporting him in interviews and stuff before, makes sense tbh
(Would’ve been funnier if it was Stormzy/Boy Better Know though)


the worry is that some shitrag will scour for some iffy run the jewels lyrics, quote them out of context and use them to smear the boy