Official general election day thread


No doubt killer mike is a dude but yeah… the lyrics…


Literally no one who would vote for Corbyn would care. If they can see past the IRA thing, I’m sure some rap lyrics won’t be the final straw.


Imagine Jeremy Corbyn coming onstage as Bootsy Collins to a sold out Glastonbury audience


Faster 'n Trump fucks his youngest, I reck.


May have to watch RTJ now. If only for JC.


Argh they clash with Badbadnotgood…


Just kind of marvelling at how only about six months ago this was May in many of the public’s eyes

It seems now as though someone in PR must have been moving mountains to create the concept of a personable vicar’s daughter PM who’s just ‘one of us’. I mean not one of us but the public in general. Or maybe robo-May was just a constant bombshell waiting to drop


guys… remember this…


DiS favourite Stacy Solomon just on Loose Women saying when she looks at Theresa May, it’s like she’s not even looking at a human

they’re all ripping into her actually, quite enjoyable

and before you ask it’s part of my job to watch/be aware of it


bloody students


Think this will turn the public even further against the Tories? The whole “yeah, we don’t need to investigate the press” part of their manifesto?


I doubt it - not sure too many people noticed they included that in their long list of things that are too nice to have.

Will probably continue turning people against The Sun though.




Loose Whomen


I think imagining a vicar’s daughter as inherently being relatable and respectable in itself shows how ridiculous and hubristic the whole project was. They convinced themselves she was unassailable based upon the freeze-dried speeches and the slobbering adulation they bought off the right wing press without ever seeing what she was like on the campaign trail. A cult of personality built around someone with no personality. It’s an object lesson of how arrogance and contempt for their own electorate will forever be the downfall of the Tory party.


Sinn’s a good lad


lovely stuff


“Ere Bruce what sorta name’s Sinn? Flamin’ poms!”