Official general election day thread


No wonder they embargoed all the NHS review stuff until after the election:


can’t wait for the government response to this, “no one lives in central london any more, we’re not sure why tho”


If last week didn’t do for May, today will have done. I’m downgrading my estimate from “by the end of the year” to “gone within a month”.




insane cameo at the end.


@DarwinBabe your hero


science has gone too far


? that’s real!


I pre-emptively liked this thinking it would be good, but is painfully unfunny


it’s just one of the most surreal concepts. like… how did this come about? and who went “you know who we should ask to be in it at the end?”


reckon it was kristian guru murthy’s brain child I reckon, bullied the others into it with his content belligerence


A hahaha hahaha.

Bunch of anchors!

And when Dermot said Bacon Sandwiches.




Has this been posted here? Because it’s fucking hilarious



Remember how during the Brexit referendum Theresa May was a Remainer but was thought to be canny because she hid during the campaign? So canny that the Tories subsequently made her Leader.

She wasn’t being tactical. She knows that she is poisonous on contact with humanity. Genuinely can’t work out why/how she’s an MP.


She started reading Thatcher’s autobiography and liked what she discovered. The former prime minister’s emphasis on thrift reminded Megan of the values she had been brought up with.

"Coming from a working-class background we were taught very early on that money does not grow on trees and you need to really watch your bank account and you need to keep an eye on your budgets.”





no harm to him but he’s not very bright


it’s pretty terrible but I’m starting to really hate anyone who doesn’t vote for labour.

How do I work through this properly :frowning: