Official general election day thread


no need. fuck em.


doesn’t really feel like anything can be gained by compromise at the moment does it?


don’t enjoy thinking about free will and how it probably doesn’t exist but it is fairly useful for this sort of stuff.

there are a bunch of studies about how the structure of the brain is a good indicator for political beliefs, and how seemingly some people just don’t have the capacity for much empathy. helps to remember we’re all to some degree a slave to our biology. it takes some compartmentalising & idk if you can extend some of the empathy you’ve been blessed with to people who haven’t (while still fighting against their beliefs) but it helped me out as a way to not hate people.


Can’t believe deep in my bones that “normal” people can lack empathy. Surely they are just choosing to ignore those feelings.


idk. i don’t know anything about brains. just some pop science articles i’ve read.

i think its a matter of degrees too, they’re not saying tories have no empathy, maybe just harder for them to reach a place where they feel it… the other things i remember were a stronger impulse to feeling disgust & less capacity for uncertainty/understanding conflicting information.

read a book called tribes by sebastian junger recently which had some stuff about this - like how the two political/personality archetypes go back through human history and were essential components to having a successful tribal society, where the everyone-for-themselves concept was useful & ascendant in times of plenty in order to expand, but in times of hardship tribes would self-regulate back to a sharing model. & how this doesn’t really work in the society we have today where expansion is unnecessary.

i know a lot of people (on the left especially) don’t like biological/evolutionary psychology stuff and it doesn’t make for a very hopeful reading of humanity. i don’t know how much i buy into it either tbf, but… yeah.



It’s funny because they’ve had to scrap most of their manifesto and have nothing to do for most of the session.


Theresa isn’t going anywhere is she :confused:


Did people think that the Con/Lib coalition would last?


Something’s got to give sooner or later.


that was a proper coalition, the deal with the DUP has been looking like a more informal approach

also the coalition had a much bigger majority, and the polls indicated a hung parliament so the parties must have at least been considering it in advance

whereas this is just chaos


I wonder why the deal hasn’t been announced? I wonder if the DUP are attempting to bring loads of pork for NI, or if they’re delaying in light of the grenfell Tower tragedy


would love it if the DUP were going real keen on the hardest of brexits and May is having to go “are you sure that’s a good idea? i was kinda hoping to soften it and blame you…”


DUP have said they want a ‘frictionless border’ because a hard brexit would effectively cripple NI agriculture. Any hard brexit would be incredibly damaging for NI, I have no idea why the DUP campaigned for it!


I think the negotiations are going a bit west side story




So glad we don’t have a codified constitution so May can just decide not to do a Queen’s speech next year. Apparently in this year’s one she’s gonna include details about legislation that will barely cover a few month’s worth of work for parliament, so either MPs are gonna be sat on their hands for a year and a half or more, or May’s just subverting the democratic process to prop up her failing government.

I wonder which one it is…


Some commentator said that because they have such a small margin of error for votes they won’t bring forward much legislation and will push through changes in other ways… not sure how they can do that though!


Quite a lot of changes can be done at the discretion of the relevant minister, I’m not sure how they’re held to account on how much they use that power. Probably should have done a module on British politics tbh.