Official general election day thread


I’ve done that module! Twice!


i thought the DUP wanted to leave the customs union which is the thing that would specifically determine a hard border? as in we could leave the EU completely other than that and still have a soft border?


I don’t know what is going on with the border, and I think the terms soft and hard Brexit are utterly meaningless and confusing. NI can’t afford to be cut off from the RoI any more than it already is, and the DUP are savvy enough to know that (I believe many of their members and representatives are involved in agriculture as well).

I honestly don’t think anyone knows what the fuck Brexit will mean for the border. I don’t think anyone has a clue about any of it…

Someone else may be able to explain who actually knows what’s going on! I’m not great on this


Some of these might help. There’s a lot of options!


There’s been an edict across Whitehall that anything that is not Brexit related is pretty much dead in the water, or at least will require very major clearance.


oh, here’s a thing with seb junger talking about it if you’re interested

please to excuse joe rogan. also disagree with his conclusions about them having equal importance.


Me and my friend tried to do our part for the left by recording a Corbyn tribute song

hopefully it’ll tie the nation together


this was great!


Nicely done :white_check_mark:


Nice essay on memetic language and the left during the election.


New Socialist are putting out some really excellent pieces at the moment.


eg this, which also ties into the stumblingandmumbling blog I posted in the other thread:


Yeah, it’s been quite interesting watching a number of ideas find momentum and then actually crystalise in decent analytical discourse. Feels weirdly complete, like a step that had been missing before but is now being filled in. Either that or I’ve just read better articles recently.


It only started up a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully they’ll be able to maintain the quality and momentum behind it.


u no wat’s crazy? We haven’t had a government for 11 days and the Tories have managed to completely deceive the public about this fact by lying about Theresa May going to visit the Queen the day after the election and the entirety of the press just going along with it ever since. Imagine if Labour were the largest party but still hadn’t formed a government 11 days after the GE. Wonder how important a news story it’d be? Wonder how much people would be talking feverishly about ‘the value of the pound’


Wait… This was a fib?!


The queen purred when news emerged that May would not be visiting Buckingham Palace


Practically George Galloway, that woman.


you absolutely love this


i really, really do. :slightly_smiling_face: