Official general election day thread


last hung parliament this was a MASSIVE crisis by day 2.

“the markets!!!” etc


The markets…

  • …Learned their lesson from last time, and are not being so alarmist.
  • …Already think everything is as fucked as can be (vis, Brexit).
  • …Are a crock of shit parlour game played by odd folks who love shouting for their own amusement/our misery.

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Well, this is cheery.


Cable going for Lib Dem leader.

Given how prominent he was in the coaltion, can’t see him winning many folk back.


What the fuck is actually going on btw? We literally don’t have a government, has the postponed Queen’s speech actually been rescheduled yet?


Good thing about not having a codified constitution is that if you have the press on your side you can literally just blag it and hope no one notices


Queens Speech due tomorrow, although it sounds like there’s going to be naff all in it other than some anti-terrorism stuff and Brexit.




So all of the stuff in the manifesto, like the Dementia Tax - that’s all ancient history now?


The Dementia Tax didn’t even make it to the election, did it?


Pretty much it seems. They can’t risk anything controversial in case the Speech is defeated.


There is a government. It’s pretty much the same as the old one but with Michael Gove.


Now in video form



I’m not really sure where we are anymore.

Feels like we’re sleepwalking into… I dunno… something. Something stupid probably.


They don’t vote on it tomorrow though do they? Imagine they’ll have cobbled something together before the vote. Will be interesting to see if Labour can get some amendments in there though.


I can’t help but wonder if the tories are finally realising how annoying and stubborn the dup are


Well as Peter Hain wrote a few days back, one of the many things the DUP don’t believe in is deadlines.

On that subject can anyone explain why they need a deal with the DUP given that they could basically count on their votes anyway?


“Memo to DUP: this is how British people would vote, vote this way to be British.”