Official general election thread


Thought it would be useful to have a separate thread for this. Posting articles, comments, analysis etc.

I think we all know what the overall outcome is going to be here. I think it’s possible to mitigate the damage and challenge lots of what we’re gonna be hearing over the next few weeks. It’s really really soon omg.

Is everyone registered?

Would anyone like any support in campaigning or with anti-tory messages or anything? We can share stuff here and use it to possibly counter things?

Can we ban all right wing people please @sean


just seen the other thread is NOW the general election thread. delete this if you want but I think it’s easier to read this way…


There’s a general what now?


Keep this thread.


other thread is a bit of a bants museum already.

what can i do that’s useful in a safe labour seat?


If you wanted to get involved you could help out in a marginal. Pretty sure local CLPs/Momentum will be sending activists out to help MPs out. Why not nip up to Birmingham on one of your days off to help Jess Phillips out?


Vote tory, make it edgy


Run for leader


go out and talk to your community about how bad Brexit is and why and highlight what a failure 7 years of the tories has been.

if you have time, find a marginal near you where you feel your time will be better spent. I don’t know where you live but there are plenty of tory/labour marginals around london. when they’re in post, contact the organisers in those areas. if you need help getting numbers etc. let me know


Both general elections I’ve voted in (and Brexit) have had a bad effect on my mental health as I’ve become really obsessed with following them, so I’m going to bury my head in the sand a bit to try and get through the next 6 weeks without capitulating, especially given that both colleagues and customers at work will be awful in the run-up to this whole thing. It makes me feel really weak but I’m fairly fragile atm anyway. Good luck to everyone who’s campaigning, you’re stronger than me and i hope you can make a difference x


I’ve never voted for the winning side at an election or referendum.

Hate it.


I would just assume the worst and disinvest as much as possible for this one if it’s having a negative affect on you.

The likelihood of something positive happening is tiny and if it does it’ll be a nice surprise on the 9th


Oh, and I’m really really old.


uh oh


Wait till Nige decides it’s time to make a comeback.


it’s basically the same thing. Banks may as well be Farage and pretty much worships his point of view


pretty predictable. will be a delight seeing him fail.


So basically we just need to convince you to vote Tory and the job’s done?


same. i grew up supporting Southampton FC and then when I stopped supporting them…


It’s quite amazing how much Carswell’s got under his and Farage’s skin by simply existing. With his campaigning resources, Banks should theoretically be a shoe in for a small set of seats, but he’s killed his campaign before he starts by targeting Carswell.