Official general election thread


Labour are pulling from behind for sure (and always will be, and it’s best to assume we’ve got 5 more years of the Tories and the complete dismantling of the welfare state coming up) … but it’s uh, early days…


also ugh


Looking forward to all the people on Question Time in 2019 acting confused why this Tory government hasn’t improved the NHS.


This is fundamentally the problem with Labour at the moment (and indeed the piece). Labour historically had been a broad church of people with a broad understanding that compromise and sometimes “holding your nose” over something in exchange for the greater good is necessary for the common goal of making things better for not just the poor, but everyone.

As Marckee says, somewhere between 97 and 2015 something got lost along the way - the party in it’s New Labour guise did much that was good (minimum wage, NHS/education funding), and brought in support from new areas, but forgot to continue conversing with the base that allowed them to do that. I don’t have the exact answers as to why, but there’s a reason that the BNP and then UKIP grew from negligible support to 12+% and the broad coalition splintered with increasing numbers voting for previously insignificant parties.

The trouble is that on the one hand, the centre-left/moderates within Labour don’t seem willing to address those issues, while the further-left/Corbyn supporting part of the party is - as @asita has often said - unequipped for leadership. As I’ve said many a time on here, how it gets resolved in the medium term is beyond me. Both sides are vying for sole control of the party at the moment rather than working together for the betterment of the common cause (I choose not to ascribe blame either way in this post for that it’s utterly irrelevant to the fundamental point) and I don’t see either backing down anytime soon.


Labour too often pandering to bigotry (‘legitimate concerns!’ ‘British jobs for British workers!’) rather than standing up to it.


i think a lot of the problem with us talking about this is i suspect i’ve fully missed this exact discussion between all of you taking place numerous times, and then have wandered in getting gripey none the wiser. but yeah. i fully agree that that’s pretty much the exact lie of the land right now.




Essentially the last 60 or so posts are the last 3 or 4 years of Labour and Corbyn focused discussion on various politics threads distilled down to their basic format.


apology accepted, marckee. (thanks for clarifying col)


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Why do we have to ban right wing people from this thread?

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An open platform of ‘send them all back’



That’ll (mostly) be the smug kippers returning to the fold. At least labour haven’t gone down, I guess…



I thought it had been firmly established over and over that UKIP supporters are ex-Labour voters who need to be listened to?





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