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Labour is in a truly bad place if some of its members see the notion of vocally supporting a third child as ‘hardline’.


The policy wasn’t the issue! The hardline position was immediately vocally rejecting ever aspect of the welfare bill. The moderate position is taking time to listen to voters who chose Tory welfare policy over Labour’s just weeks before at the election, and then telling them why the alternative is better.

And I wasn’t using hardline as a pejorative. I think both approaches are legitimate and in my Labour fantasy we manage to articulate both positions to the appropriate audiences because both are valuable. Crucially though it was Corbyn’s supporters who labelled him as the radical and burned the moderates for abstaining ON A VOTE THAT DIDN’T MATTER.


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Better to hold an election now, before we all realise how bad things are going to get, and pray that somehow this mess has been sorted out once again by June 2022. Could happen.


For the record, this is why there’s a schism in the Labour party - over the idea that the only way to oppose is immediate denial regardless of context, and anyone who doesn’t do exactly that is a traitor to the party. Corbyn isn’t hardline for voting against the Welfare bill, he’s hardline for pretending it was the only legitimate response. And I’m doing my best but I don’t know how to support a leader who takes that position.


I don’t think he pretended it was the only legitimate response - rather in the circumstances he felt it was the best one. I think it’s easy to forget how quickly the party could have collapsed during that time if there wasn’t someone willing to demonstrate that the members weren’t being ignored.

The interim leadership rolled over for the Conservatives in the summer after the 2010 General election, giving them carte-blanche to define why the GFC happened (Labour overspent), and that harsh austerity was the way to reduce the deficit. No one made an alternative case and it set the tone for the next five years. The same thing was happening again, as if they’d learnt no lessons from five years earlier.


**Liz Kendall

Yvette Cooper defended Labour spending pre-crash repeatedly.


In the summer months after the 2010 General Election?



It was a response to ^ this.


I meant in terms of the welfare debate.


Ok - that’s fair enough.


Are these screenshots for real? They’re 20 minutes apart!


How’s Corbyn’s campaign announcement going? Cant watch anything at work just now.


Assumed they’d been mocked up. They’re not. Still on her feed.


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[spoiler]This thread seems to have gone a bit like this:

DiS: “She’s got no MANDATE for anything she’s doing! Do you remember what they said about Brown after he took over from Blair?! Tories are so hypocritical!”

May: “Yeah, fair point. I’ll hold an election then”

DiS: “I can’t believe she’s playing politics and manipulating people like this! She should be acting in the national interest not her personal interest! She’s basically no better than Erdogan!”

For some reason, DiS seems to think it’s Theresa May’s job to provide both credible Government and credible Opposition. The Opposition’s nothing to do with her.[/spoiler]


You’ve not read the thread, have you?


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Seemed to do the job for the man in his picture (despite being part of said elite)


Apparently it’s gone pretty well.

Corbyn’s always strongest when he’s on the campaign trail getting fired up about issues.



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Since when has anyone put loads of detail in a campaign launch speech?